Configuring Subinterface On Cisco Router

Right now, let’s mention the encapsulation problem involving sub-interface.
1. We should use 802. 1q that will encapsulate sub-interface to launch IP if we configure the exact one-arm direction-finding. Is it possible to employ any purpose before encapsulation? Or would it be configured for instance configuring MTU? And can far more IP always be configured soon after configuration?
2. When setting up Frame Inform, the Structure Relay are going to be encapsulated throughout subinterface. Would it be like a one-arm routing, If equipped while not packaging, should it configure IP? or it might not be designed and employed without entire packaging?
3.A actual interface is usually separated various sub-interfaces. How much does this sub-interface look like ahead of it is exemplified? What is the variation between the sub-interfaces and typical Layer only two interface along with Layer several interface?

1. Its related to the unique model.
2. The router is a Part 3 product. Although the sub-interface is a electronic interface, it is just a Layer three or more interface. The exact Layer 3 or more interface can not identify the info Frame while using 802. 1q tag. Tips on how to identify Files Frame? It is advisable to configure encapsulation of 802. 1q to the sub-interface. As soon as the frame penetrates the sub-interface, the structure is removed off, so your corresponding indicate will be brought to the link towards facilitate various other switches as soon as the router techniques to other extrémité. And other fuses can be discovered.
3. The very sub-interface need to be the same as the very physical program before its encapsulated. Though the sub-interface is simply not configured devoid of encapsulation designation. So It should not be called a sub-interface.