Passing CRISC Certification, Observed in Options Dilemma

If I employ a single was able Switch with a small devices launched in VLANs, Passing CRISC Certification, but also one or two that arent in a VLAN (VLAN1 automatically I guess, Passing CRISC Certification, nonetheless nothing VLAN configured very own access places, and I have to get all site visitors from the turn up to the Router and then outside,Passing CRISC Certification,  what are my favorite options? Passing CRISC Certification, Do i require to use not one but two seperate Router Ports, a bed that will receive many of the VLANs targeted visitors and a individual one that becomes the website traffic from the systems not within the particular VLAN? Passing CRISC Certification, Or can one setup your trunk that should take either types of page views and if therefore how? Passing CRISC Certification at the first attempt.
You will use a router on a keep to.

On the interface connecting the router to the switch;
CRISC Certification
interface <interface id>
switchport mode trunk
CRISC Certification,
switchport trunk allowed vlan all
CRISC Certification,
switchport trunk native vlan 1

In order to allow vlans to traverse the trunk;
CRISC Certification
interface <interface id>.vlan id–match to vlan id for consistency
ncapsulation dot1q vlan_id
CRISC Certification
ip address <ip address and mConfiguring InterVLAN Routing and ISL/802.1Q Trunking

Hosts could then operate the router subinterface ip address being a default gat. Passing CRISC Certification, It is possible to apply one town per vlan, but in a considerable network involving running out of phhsical ports in the router can be quite real as well as being made far more real for the reason that such networking may have many of vlans. Passing CRISC Certification, Make sure rate handy posts and mark as the solution but if your issue can be resolved.