ADM-201 Dumps: Administration Essentials for New Admins

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Latest SSCP dumps pdf questions and answers
You want to randomly display 7% of the pixels on a layer. What should you do?
A. set the layer opacity to 7% and the layer’s blending mode to Dissolve
B. set the layer opacity to 7% and the layer’s blending mode to Difference
C. apply the Pointillize file then choose the Fade command with 7% opacity
D. apply the Fragment filter then choose the Fade command with 7% opacity
Correct Answer: A

Which format supports layers in Adobe Photoshop?
Correct Answer: B

You are making selection by using the elliptical marquee. The value for Feather is set 10 pixels. When would you see the effect of the feathering option?
A. When you deselect
B. When you choose Select>Feather
C. When you move the selected pixels
D. As soon as you finish making the selection
Correct Answer: C

Which blending mode should you use to create a drop shadow?
A. Multiply
B. Dissolve
C. Difference
D. Color Burn
Correct Answer: A

When creating animations in Adobe Image Ready, what does the Tween feature do?
A. It specifies looping for playback.
B. It specifies repeat options for playback.
C. It adds a series of layers between existing layers.
D. It adds a series of frames between existing frames.
Correct Answer: D

You make a selection with the polygon lasso tool. When a color fill is applied, the edg appears rough. Which tool option should have been selected to soften the selection edg.
A. Blur
B. Border
C. Smooth
D. Anti-Alised
Correct Answer: D

A layer contains a shape filled with a solid color. You want to fill the shape with a gradient. What should you do?
A. select the shape layer and choose a gradient from the Swatches palette.
B. Select the gradient tool from the toolbox: select a gradient from the options bar, and drag the gradient tool across the shape
C. Select the shape layer; click the Layer Style button on the Layers palette and select Gradient Overly; choose a gradient and click OK
D. Select the shape layer; click the New Adjustment Layer button on the Layers palette and select Gradient Map: choose a gradient and click OK
Correct Answer: C

What is the most efficient method to isolate a complex object form is background?
A. create a layer mask
B. create an alpha channel
C. use the Extract Image command
D. use the lasso tool to create a selection
Correct Answer: C

You make a selection by using the magnetic lasso tool you want modify the selection. Which tool or tools can you use to modify the selection?
A. any selection tool
B. only the magnetic lasso
C. lasso, magnetic lasso or polygonal lasso
D. any selection tool except the magic wand
Correct Answer: A

Which file format supports spot color channel?
C. Gif89a
D. DCS 2.0
Correct Answer: D

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